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Architectural Design

Architectural design and project formation process

According to one of the architects named Tehran in preparing construction plans (Manoush Server), if we want to speak very easily, it is better for an architect to pay attention to the view first, then to the location of the parking lot and stairs, then to the pillars with engineering arrangement and Convenient, then a plan with beautiful and versatile functions and finally a good view. In fact, the creation of this whole work has reached the form from the performance of all these parts, and the form of the building shows its proper functions from the outside.

Recognize the features, limitations, weaknesses and strengths of the project

The first step in architectural design is to identify the features, limitations, weaknesses and strengths of the project. At this stage, by collecting field information and examining the location of the building, available data and statistics, national and regional rules and regulations, and receiving the views and needs of the employer, a view of the project is obtained. The architectural design of this section forms the study phase of the project. Some of the services provided by designers in the initial study phase include feasibility studies and analysis of the success of the project according to market needs in architectural design. The survey of data from these studies helps to determine the use of the project and the suitability of the infrastructure of different departments in architectural design. These services will be especially vital and useful for private sector employers.
Of course, industrial engineers and some companies can do special feasibility studies, but it is better to do this with an architectural consultant.

Obtain information about the project site

At this stage, the designer, by directly present on the project site or using the information provided to him, examines situations such as the location of the project and its neighborhood with other projects and buildings and climate change and the region. Then analyzes the architecture site, in which you can refer to the related article. The more information is provided to the designer at this stage, the better, more accurate and more perfect design will be in the next stages.

Zero phase design of architecture or architectural studies

Zero phase of architecture includes architectural studies. In the zero phase of architecture, knowledge about the region and items such as climate of the region, architectural conditions of the region, rules and regulations, frameworks and standards, as well as detailed study of soil engineering issues such as soil testing and … are considered Which is very important; For example, if we do not achieve good results in studying the soil and geotechnical condition of an area, even the possibility of not implementing the architectural process is raised, or in many cities around the world, high-rise construct restrictions in addition to traditional texture are related to soil testing. Depending on the weakness or strength of the ground, it is allowed to build to a certain extent. Zero phase of architecture is the stage in which the desired information is obtained and the process of recognizing and identifying the project is studied. In zero phase of architecture, the project is examined in terms of technical and economic justification as well as social justification of the architectural project. . Information and knowledge in the zero phase of architecture in many cases is obtained through negotiations with the employer and awareness of the needs of the employer.

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