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Building Designs

Advantages of structural design

The science of designing building structures is one of the important sciences that helps civil engineers to perform the construction activity with a complete examination before starting the executive work; And as far as possible, to prevent possible accidents during construction operations. Prevention of potential risks and cost estimation are the most important benefits of designing building structures that increase the speed of project implementation. The structure design process must be carried out correctly and in compliance with all safety points and construction and engineering standards so that it does not have problems during the work and does not impose excess costs on the contractor.

Cost of designing metal and concrete structures

Estimation of design costs of concrete and metal structures depends on various parameters, and it cannot be said that the design of concrete structures is more than metal, and vice versa. Estimate the cost of concrete structures depend on parameters such as Type of building materials, structural design, duration of construction of the building skeleton, amount of steel used in the design of concrete structures, implementation of concrete structures based on executive regulations, the volume of rebars used and… . The long duration of the concrete structure design project has a great impact on cost estimation, during which time personnel are required to be paid and machinery and equipment continue to operate, which is create an additional cost compared to the design of metal structures.

Building structure design

Types of building structures include structures and building architecture of Iranian and foreign construction plans, construction towers and design of concrete buildings, metal structures, brick and wooden buildings. A building is a structure that is built for living and as a shelter or for work, which divides the environment into two parts, outside and inside. The structural design of buildings that are taller than a certain size is called a tower. In Iran, a high-rise building or a tower, according to the enactment of the Supreme Council of Urban Planning and Architecture in 1998, is called a building with more than six floors.

Structural design methods

The purpose of designing a structure is to determine the configuration, dimensions and specifications of its components in such a way that the three main objectives set out in the clauses are met.

Optimal performance

Accordingly, in the design of steel and concrete structures, three methods are mainly used.

1- Permissible stress design method (ASD)
2- Final resistance design method
3- Limit state design method (LSD)

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