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Facade Design

The importance of facade design principles

As much as you use high quality materials; You cannot attract customers unless your building has a good view. The fact is that the facade of the building is the first thing the audience encounters. A good residential building facade design can be an artistic and attractive work that gives meaning to your building and creates a message in the viewer’s mind. Such a view can be a memorable effect that will make your building different from other buildings over the years. Another reason for the importance of facade design is its impact on the urban space. In fact, a beautiful view can make the urban landscape pleasant. That is why the city legislature has also defined precise and complex rules for designing the facade of a building. In addition to regulating construction quality and safety, these laws; They also supervise its coordination with the area where the building is located.

Choose a modern facade design

Now that you know the importance of facade design; You need to be able to choose the right style to design the facade of your building. Choosing the right design is more related to the use of the building than anything else. Residential, office, commercial, villa design and… each use a particular style of building facade design. As we said, the facade should express the identity and use of the building and give it meaning. So knowing the use of the building will be very effective on your chosen style. Another factor that is effective in choosing the right design for modern facade design; It is the budget that the employer has set for the work. The facade of the building is like a painting; And you can work on the design quality in great detail. Therefore, before starting the design, it is very important that the employer’s budget is determined for the design and execution of the building facade. This information helps the designer to choose the style and material that is most in line with the employer’s budget.

Facade design plays an important role in the building, so that the personality and identity of a building is based on the exterior of the building, which is designed by experienced architects of the building. As you know, the design of the facade of the building has a great role as an aesthetic in the city and in addition to the appearance of the building, it also gives special energy to the interior of the building and also has an impact on the environment. According to construction engineers and architects, the implementation of the building facade with quality and durable materials reduces energy loss against wind and storms. It is good to know that the main indicators showing the identity of the city are the facades of the buildings, which should be in harmony with the facades of the city and the facades of the adjacent buildings. Things to consider when designing a building facade to create a beautiful and attractive effect are:

The effect and appearance that the exterior of the building gives to the city.
High energy efficiency as well as prevention of energy loss in the interior of the building.
The facade of the building is made of a durable shell that makes the building last longer.

The facade that is used for the protection and beauty of the building, perform according to 1) climatic conditions 2) wind 3) storm 4) earthquake 5) air pollution and … . All these cases are studied and evaluated by the construction architects of the project according to the climate of the region. Architects for large and industrial cities often use stronger and more durable materials due to high pollution, but in smaller cities where pollution is lower, they use other materials. For example, in cold regions, due to the amount of rain, building designers and architects use higher quality materials to make the facade of the building more resistant to cold and heat, so as not to damage the interior of the building and have a higher durability.

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