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Interior Decoration

Home interior design

Decoration in Persian means picking, adorn and arranging. The definition of interior decoration is related to the proper arrangement and selection of interior furniture for the house, rooms, kitchen, living room, bathroom and toilet. Today, with advances in various fields, interior decoration is not only considered for residential houses and is also used to beautify and make use of shops, offices, factories, hotels, hospitals, subway stations, buses and so on. Coordinating the interior components of the house to improve the beauty and pleasantness of the home space as well as optimizing the space artistically can be defined as home interior design. Of course, in this process, the harmony between the colors and the interior and home furniture components will make the appearance of these components more elegant and harmonious.

Why design interior decoration?

Interior decoration is a science today. The application of this knowledge is different in each place and is done for a specific purpose. The following are some of the reasons to consider different environments:

Stores and shops: Attract more customers and get attention
Office spaces: Create a safe space to work and feel comfortable
Hospitals: Usability of the environment, creating a calm environment so that the patient and medical staff can feel empathy and support
Residential houses and apartments: creating a space that is easy to use and also brings warmth and comfort
Public spaces such as bus stations, subways and even for spaces such as car cabins: to be used and meet the needs of the general public

The process of designing home decoration, like any other artistic process, has special points and details that can be used to create extraordinary changes by observing the principles of decoration.

The role of the kitchen in home interior decoration

The kitchen is the most important part of the house. Homeowners usually spend more time in it, and often a large amount of furniture is placed in it. The interior decoration of the kitchen offers us a wide range of choices. For this reason, it is considered as one of the exciting and attractive parts of interior decoration. Here are some examples of components that can be used in the kitchen:

Kitchen cabinets
Sink and dishwasher valves
Island or Island Kitchen
Gas, hood and oven
Kitchen furniture

Choosing the right color or wallpaper in harmony with other kitchen components plays an important role in the beauty of the kitchen. The intensity and color of the light used in the kitchen section can be different from other sections because each section needs its own light according to its different application.

The role of the bedroom in interior decoration

The bedroom should be a more comfortable place than other parts of the house. Proper decoration for the bedroom can create a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere for rest and sleep. Important things to consider when decorating your bedroom include the following:

Use soothing and soft lighting with low light intensity
Bed service with size and color to suit the selected style
Paint or use wallpaper with soft and non-emotional colors
Use different flooring from other parts of the house
Suitable curtains that are selected for proper exposure during the day

One of the mistakes that happens in decorating or renovating a bedroom is using an inappropriate sleeping service. Extremely large bed service in small bedrooms in addition to occupying the space of the room, they also destroy the beauty of the room.

Some of the points mentioned in the important factors in home interior design are also suitable for bedroom decoration. These include the use of natural flowers and a small library, which will be very effective in changing the look of the bedroom.

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