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Monitoring and Enforcement

Check structural drawings with architecture before starting

Due to the discrepancies seen in structural and architectural drawings, especially in concrete buildings, one of the most important tasks of supervising engineers is to control its drawings. In the event of a discrepancy, the problem is communicated to the owner and resolved by the calculating engineer.

The finished height of the floors and finally the finished height of the building is very important and must be corrected.
The location of the shear wall where there is an opening.
The dimensions of the walls and columns, which can eventually lead to the elimination of the parking lot.
The finished dimensions of the staircase are measured after finishing the work (from the shoulder strap to the shoulder strap), but in the architectural plans, these dimensions have been calculated from the wall to the staircase.

Of course, these controls must be performed during the execution of the foundation, but if it is forgotten, the contradictions must be resolved at this stage and before the execution of the concrete structure.

Controlling the number of columns and shear walls and their location

Some of the most common inconsistencies in architectural plans and structures of concrete buildings are:

control of column armature network and shear walls

The armature network of columns and shear walls generally consists of longitudinal armature, braces and pins that the supervising structural engineer must control at all stages. Generally, building owners have little information about the number and size of column rebars, especially the pin, which plays an important role in columns and shear walls.
Another important point to be monitored by the supervisor is the length of the overlap of the root of the column and wall that protrudes from the foundation or floor. The supervising engineer should also control the length of the root overlap for the upper floor during the skeleton control phase of the building so that it does not encounter problems on the upper floors.
For example, if the height of the floor according to the drawing is 2.75 meters, the roof beam is 0.45 meters, the size of the longitudinal rebar of column 20 and the length of the overlap are shown in the drawings as 50 times the diameter of the rebar, the minimum length of cut rebar for this floor should be 2.4 meters.
Another thing that must be checked before concreting columns or shear walls of concrete buildings is the implementation of stair root. The height at which these roots run into the column or shear wall must also be in accordance with the drawings and controlled by the building supervisor.

Stair implementation control

The most important points in the implementation of concrete building stairs are as follows:

The staircase is one of the most important parts of the building and it is also called the eye of the building, so the accuracy in its execution is very important.

the horizontal length and height and number of stairs and care should be taken not to be too steep to increase the height of the stairs.
Stair blockage, which usually occurs on the ground floor due to the low height of the floor, can be solved by adding a sword length or number of steps or building an upstairs staircase (if possible) from latter.
The width of the staircase should be measured according to the longitudinal concrete beams of the staircase (shoulder beams).
Note: If the width of the beam is large and reduces the width of the staircase, the owner can be asked to refer to the calculator and ask him to increase the height of the beam and reduce their width, or if he has sufficient design or experience. , The supervisor can also do this to solve the problem of stair width
Width of stairs
Stair armature network, especially at the junction with the floor rebar

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