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Technical Advice

What is a technical consulting contract? What does it include?

The employer enters into a consulting contract after the desired reviews, selection of the consultant and agreement with him. Signing a standard and appropriate technical consulting contract prevents any dispute and clearly defines the rights and duties of the parties to the contract, and is the best document to prove cooperation and refer to the courts in the event of a dispute. Now that you understand the need to sign a contract to receive consulting services, it is better to get acquainted with the clauses in a technical consulting contract (the number of clauses in a contract may vary depending on the agreement of the parties, but the following clauses are the ones are required in the contract.)

Contract Subject
Duration of the contract (and how to extend it)
Obligations of the consultant and the employer (how to carry out and advance the project)
Detailed description of consulting services
Contract cost
How to pay the consulting fee (prepayment amount and its installments)
Contract execution guarantees (how to resolve disputes)
How to terminate the contract (prohibition of unilateral termination except in cases of force majeure)
Force majeure cases (emergencies)
Contract supplements (such as tax returns, insurance, amendments)
Other items (such as address of the parties, number of copies of the contract, principles of the contract, etc.)

What is the definition of technical advice according to the law?

Before concluding a technical consulting contract, we need to consider what technical consulting means. The best way to understand the definition of counseling is to refer to the law. The regulation of consulting services approved in 2011 in 26 articles and 30 pages describes the exact conditions and requirements for selecting and employing counseling. The detailed nature of the regulations indicates that the process of hiring a consultant is a long process and includes many details, so it is better to do the necessary consultations and knowledge to do this. According to Note 2 of Article 2 of the Consulting Services Regulations, “a personal consultant (real or legal) who has a certificate of competency to perform consulting; And consulting includes any kind of services in the fields of expertise, management, consulting and consulting engineering. Some people confuse technical consulting with engineering technical consulting in the field of construction and civil engineering, while technical engineering consulting is in fact a subgroup of technical consulting.

Do you need a technical consulting contract?

As a technical consultant or employer, you do not have to know the legal points and knowledge of contracts, but during your work, you definitely need to write a technical consulting contract, and since writing a contract is a specialized and important issue, and negligence in It may cause you trouble and you may have to deal with the judiciary; It is best to get help from someone who is proficient in the field of contracts.

Presentation of model and method of system implementation

After explaining the organizational information circulation strategy and the system business model, the selection of the executive model and system implementation methods is the most important factor in ensuring the success of the system implementation. We are always looking for the best solution to implement the system in accordance with the organizational size, geographical dispersion and organizational and technical limits.

present a system setup model in accordance with the priorities of the organization
Provide an executive solution to educate users and increase user skills
Explain system installation and configuration based on the organization's communication and hardware infrastructure
Technical consultation in order to maintain and retrieve information quickly and easily
Offer a technical solution to transfer and convert existing system information

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